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shouting and gunfire abruptly woke the family at sunrise. Panic ensued. Two Rother and the boys went onto the balcony and saw a group of young Khmer Rouge soldiers marching through the village, firing AK 40 sevens into the air and hollering at the villages. They stomped the dwellings, whose residents now stood either on their balconies or at the foot of their steps. A girl about the same age as review. Both came to the foot of their steps and yelled for them to come down and go to the villages communal hut. She pointed her rifle at two and screamed immediately. The family did as ordered, and went to the communal hut along with the other frightened villages and commanded to kneel. A Camaro Rouge soldier who looked around 18 years old walked to the front. The Villagers gasped. Dragged along on a rope leash was Dara, a middle aged Villager who had gone into Koh Kong, along with two and the others to sell trinkets The previous day. Sarah's alive, Rother whispered to I thought that killed them all. With swollen cheeks and eyes dried blood staining her lips and nose, Dara looked badly beaten. The Villagers watched as the Khmer Rouge commander tugged her like a dog. The other Camaro Rouge paced back and forth behind the audience as their commander spoke. He explained about Pol Pot, brother number one, their leader and how the Khmer Rouge now controlled Cambodia, saying every comeere citizen now belong to anchor the organisation. You are our property, and if you want to live, you must prove your value, he told them about their Children's role. After trained by Ankara to become soldiers for the organisation they would no longer need parents as adults were menial workers, therefore, beneath them Uncle would now be their family. The commander continued for over an hour with his well rehearsed speech. The terrified Villagers listened but felt bewildered by this indoctrinated youth. Dara swayed as she struggled to stand up in front of him. Occasionally, the boy tugged at her rope and she snapped back to attention. Once the commander finished, he focused his attention on Dara and said to the villages