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at work. I'm a mild mannered high school teacher, but on the weekend I set the cave man and be free. I'll spend a whole day hunting down the best steaks in the city. Addiction yachts has been the pre me a choice for luxury yachts for the last 30 years. Checks with you a local sheriff's department on upcoming both safety classes and on the laws and regulations for operating a watercraft. I know I'll have enough money to take the vacation. I want the way I want. Century three provides peace of mind and a chance to relax. Tonight on News Channel five. Siris on Working in America continues with our exclusive report on office bullies this summer. Consider a vacation to Hathaway Island. Take some time for yourself and forget about life for a while. You'll be glad you did. You buy your ticket today and find out. Don't worry about odds. It only takes one chicken toe win. Hello? Hello. Great. No signal again. I just don't get it. They can put a rover on Mars, but they can't make a cell phone. That gets good reception. Hi, this is George Wilson. Thank you for listening today.