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Big changes in Vietnam history

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Dai Viet has a long history with so many unique cultures and conventionality, though some of our people identity, the Nom and Sino-Vietnamese language, the Le’s code and the Buddhism philosophical mindset, have their origin when we consider carefully, we can see these are not copied from other Dyna

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history is a way for a surprise. Yeah. I think that makes a new arrangement. It was based on something already invent. Also can we call Vietnam today like every other country under girl has some cultural characteristic which is originated from something from other countries. Discussion of our as I said it's not a crime of terrorism in a unique way to make our tradition more special and distinguished. The first event that happened in the era of 1000 year chinese occupations is the introduction of our writing rousing the han chest rip and the way that they're being pronounced. Just create a sino Vietnamese and the norm language according to a latin too. When I was just being route by chinese they want us to learn the language how we talk and they active to this. This part of the plan to excite country make that will become a part of china empire with our own people know they play our people by using hand simple. And the way to pronounce, we create our own language to use has seen no Vietnamese was more this when they become one of well no revolution that all enemies no, never that close. Oh people really great see no Vietnamese. We also build our second language that may consider on a big cultural breakthrough in our history. The bulls up norm language based on the chinese alphabet and senior language where the top create norm script is in three technique concealing misery and applicator. Pr not not only using the handsome chinese alphabet to create our language ancient when I miss the people during the early late dynasty would create a code using the model of pre real chinese dynasty with the passing to promote the country, our cultural based on the tongue model but has some benefits it and the main cup today to arctic course. What introducing the land of existing, get to let legal form of Ireland's glass different and impose stricter or labor control. LTD everyone blah tested. This makes the ladies to become one of the most beautiful empire the Senate africa, we can say.