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3 Styles of Fantasy Narration

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3 Different styles of narration for a fantasy audio drama series

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Young Adult (18-35)


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waterfalls cascade over the edges of the eternal floating city of Cause or some say, Qassem, hydrating the land below with rainfall as the city floats around the world. There are no typical roads here but lush greenery that is shared by all dragons of gold, silver and bronze fly overhead, keeping their keen eyes on the people, filtering into the city by airship that have come to observe the Festival of Flowers. The ground shakes as giants lumber over, stepping over the people and waving peacefully. Changelings, fairies and wizards work together across the entire city, putting on a display of illusions that have enraptured the eyes of the young orcs and goblins as they come off their airships. Dry ads make the trees that stretch across the city's foundation, close their leaves, opening the entire city to the empty night sky above as everyone settles into their spots on the grass, a single floating rock platform rises above all, and with a magically projected voice, the queen of the Night says. Let the Festival of Flowers begin, and sparks of silver, green blue shoot up into the air and explode into blossoms, petals wilting off and forming the very stars that the residents of the land below will know for the next century mists surround the group, thickening the air and stealing the light of their torches, their feet sticking in the thick green sludge of the swamp as they trudge forward and slowly make their way to the village, window shutters loosely flap against the rotten wood of the houses. The sound of birds chirping and kids playing in the fields have long been forgotten by this place, opening the creaking door to one of the buildings. A rancid smell fills the air and the group covers their noses and mouths as spores of brown mold shake from the walls. A deadly killer for inexperienced groups. Mhm. Music comes from every direction in this village, lost to time. Its haunting call thrilled to see new people. The group moves closer to where they hear the sound originating from a single well maintained well, a sign that reads give one copper for the Lady of the Well to sing. One of the members of the group flips a copper coin into the well, confident they can defend against anything. Bubbles rise to the surface of the surprisingly clear water and when they pop, the gargle melody of death sings from its abyss. Moving closer and peering down the well would be a rookie move, but that doesn't stop. The one whose coin fell to the bottom of the well. A translucent woman snatches the coin flipper and sinks down into the depths with them. Their screams heard as the bubbles burst at the top of the water. Do you smell that it's close the blood from a fresh kill fills the air, leaving a metallic taste in your mouth. You step closer, following the broken branches as your guide pushing the leaves to the side. You come across a small open enclosure large enough for your prey to be however, it's not there, The carcass of the horse it brought over is though your shadows extend across the grass and into the open space. No, not yours, Your praise. Slowly your group turns to face the creature that you thought you were stalking, but in fact has been luring you into a trap. Three talons marks the earth with its feet. It flares its white wings and rustles its feathers as any true and historically accurate prehistoric dinosaur would have. There's no time to question why It has small horns protruding from its head as it opens its beak and it shouts its predatory a battle cry. My apologies, prepare to be eaten.