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Hello. My name is Hassan Muslim, and I'm going to read you from the book. Alexander The Great Makers of History by Jacob Abbott. Chapter one. His childhood and Youth. The brief nous of Alexander's career Alexander the Great died when he was quite young. He was about 32 years of age when he ended his career and as he was 20 when he commenced it. It was only for a period of 12 years that he was actually engaged in performing the work of his life. Napoleon was nearly three times as long on the great field of human action. His brilliant exploits notwithstanding the brief nous of Alexander's career. He ran through during that short period, a very brilliant series of exploits which were so bold, so romantic, and which led him into such adventures in scenes of the greatest magnificence and splendor that all the world looked on with. Astonishment then, and mankind have continued to read the story since from age to age, with the greatest interest and attention character of Alexander mental and physical qualities. The secret of Alexander's success was his character. He possessed a certain combination of mental and personal attractions, which in every age gives to those who exhibited a mysterious and almost unbounded ascendancy over all within their influence. Alexander was characterized by these qualities in a very remarkable degree. He was finally formed in person and very prepossessing in his manners. He was active, athletic and full of order and enthusiasm in all that he did. At the same time, he was calm, collected and consider it in emergencies, requiring caution and thoughtful and forcing in respect to the bearings and consequences of his acts. He formed strong attachments, was grateful for kindness shown to him. Consider it in respect to the feeling of all who were connected with him in any way faithful to his friends and generous toward his foes. In a word, he had a noble character, though he devoted its energies, unfortunately to conquest and war. He lived in fact, in an age with great personal and mental powers, had scarcely any other field for their exercise than this. He entered upon his career with great order, and the position in which he was placed gave him the opportunity to act in it with prodigious effect.