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Brief sample of a rom-com audiobook.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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I sat there stunned by the audacity of this man. The bell dinged once again and I let out a breath of relief now that the man would move on and unleash his charms on some other poor woman, except he didn't see the next guy standing behind him, waiting patiently. I think it's time to switch. Greg turned to look at the man. Oh, I'm keeping this one so you might as well move along buddy, jesus christ. It just kept getting better. I had to do something about this and now I'm going to go get myself another drink, I informed him, pointing at the bar. The waitress will come and do that for you sweetheart. He placed his hand over mine, which had been resting on the table in front of me. No, no, I'll just go myself. Excuse me. I flew from the chair, snatching up my purse and escaped to the bar. My heart was racing as I slipped onto one of the stools at the far end of the counter so the man wouldn't be able to see me thankful he hadn't decided to follow along. What can I get for you? A deep voice asked, startling me. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Looking up. I was captured by the bright blue eyes of the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. Are you all right? He's marked? I nodded, shaking some sense back into my brain. Just fine, rough night again. I nodded. Where's your date? No date. Just that disaster. I frowned, pointing back towards the event. A pretty girl like you shouldn't be alone on valentine's. It couldn't have been all that bad, he said, leaning on the countertop in front of me. What was with all the chit chat? Look, I don't feel much like talking. Okay. I would like to order a drink though. A rum and coke. He straightened up with a strange look on his face. Yes, ma'am. I immediately regretted the way I had spoken to him just because I have been having a bad night. Didn't mean I should take it out on him. I watched him mix a couple of drinks for one of the waitresses and every move he made was ease his sexy body flexing as he worked in a charcoal fitted dress shirt tattoos peeked out from under the rolled up cuffs, causing my mouth to water. I forced myself to look away before he caught me staring, he strolled back over with my drink and I took a deep breath before starting my apology. I'm sorry I was so rude to you this day has just been such a mess. Not that that's an excuse to talk to you like that. How? So? He asked, raising an eyebrow at me as if daring me to contest his question. Valentine's is just not my favorite day of the year. And my friend, in spite of me telling her that I don't need a man for this particular day, thinks she knows what's best for me. Then I get stuck in that, I said, waving my hand toward the speed dating. Oh, come on, it's not that bad, he chuckled.