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think about the people you see every day. Your family, neighbors, co workers, according to the average, is the majority of them. 54% of Nevadans, according to federal data, have at least one serious chronic disease, like cancer, diabetes or heart disease. In fact, 1.7 million Nevadans have at least one chronic disease, and 693,000 have two or more. Chronic diseases account for seven of every 10 deaths in Nevada. But the news isn't all bad. With better prevention and treatment, almost 11,000 Nevada lives could be saved every year. Simple changes in lifestyle can help, like losing weight and exercising more, soak in developing new and better treatments, and so can policies that worked to fight chronic disease. So before you vote, ask candidates what they plan to do to fight chronic disease. For more information on chronic disease, visit fight chronic disease dot org's slash Nevada. We can improve our health this'll message brought to you by the Partnership to fight chronic disease