2017 Demo Reel (Characters)

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I suppose I can forgive you, but you'll have to fix my TR before I'll help you move to the next level. First. Let's catch the other new girl up to speed. She's in for a long ride before we stop. So might as well be friendly and acquainted. I kind of got over your death and moved on. Look, if it makes you feel any better, I went through the entire grieving process. But I have to get over your death and move on with my own life. But But I loved you. Don't eat. We never been went on a date. I don't even know you that well. So have you watched the show before? No, I ain't seen one episode. I was going on cruise to get away from up backstabbing cheating Line X. And when I heard that was a show where you could win a 1,000,000 bucks, honey, that's all you needed to say. We have just been informed that several states have declared a state of emergency. More media rights are expected in the next few hours. Extent of damage in the number of victims is still undisclosed. And while I do agree to a certain extent that what you do radiates out in affects the world in either positive and negative ways. It really does make a difference to buy that homeless person something to eat a drink while you're already out getting a daily coffee and doughnut. You see, I typically tend to kill people off before they managed to befriend me at all. People bother me. I think you're the one who has issues. Most likely. Do you happen to know of a good therapist? She leaves. I would love to see Eva's middle aged husband go head to head with the safecracker. I'd put my money on Eva. Then Stella commits suicide and slips right into her own nightmare, becoming the reincarnation of Bloody Mary. No way they tried to make a sequel, but it just was not good. Bad casting. Hey, Zoe, zilla, use your knife and fork. Even dinosaurs need to show manners. Yes, Mom, so often human swear that they're on my side, and it's their adversaries doing the damage, all while polishing their maxim, sawing down trees to make their barriers. Hypocrites. Francisco is smart. He knows Leo and Ira. He knows there was dangerous as he is, and he doesn't know you. I saw her disappear with my own eyes. I believe she has fallen into the world that you please. You must find my little sister. There's enough turkey and stuffing and all the trimmings for 100 people. You boys fresh enough and I'll make some big plates for you. This young man looks like he hasn't eaten in years. She was ideas. Jewell. Ken Lexan, A warlord who was escorting the civilians to safety. She was the only warrior of the group. But the worst part about it Waas She was the daughter of the promise Imperial Warlord, One of the four members of the Prime Miss High Council. Didn't you ever learn? Do not poke the bear, Mom. I think he's broken. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention he barely speaks. Now you to go outside and hang out or something. Me and your father going out to the bacon factory? Yeah. It's my quest to learn. If bacon is either ham or pork, why, yes, it is. And thank you for getting my name correct. How can I help you?