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Recorded remotely by Abacus Entertainment NYC

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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I like to be comfortable. I like to look good J crew. Where? What you love, love how it looks. Whoa, What happened to you? Wait, wait, don't tell me yet, bartender to jack Daniels on the rocks please. There we go. Now tell me all about it, moco. We make stands for ipads, iphones, Androids, moko T I A delivering competitive risk adjusted returns through all kinds of markets When it's time to build a stronger portfolio come to T. I. A. I'm so hungry. Are you hungry? Have you been to the flipping shake? They make a double cheeseburger and it's so good and yes, fresh cut fries dude, we gotta go to the flipping shake. Come on, let's go the new drama light. Tr four V cordless, easy to use. Takes care of the small stuff, rotary tool, visit dremel dot com today and get fixing.