Morgan Freeman Apologises for this year's Summer, which will NOT be good.

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Whenever life hands us a malady and/or frustration, there is only one voice that can make it more palatable for us to digest. And that is the man with a voice that would can make the Farm Report sound soothing. This is a once weekly parody I perform for United Stations Media's Universal Comedy Network. UCN supplies ready made humorous content for many of the major markets in the U.S. and Canada.

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Hello, I am summer. I like to apologize in advance for being the worst summer ever. I'm sorry to the kids who might be in school the whole time. That really sucks. But don't worry. It's not like you'll be missing much. Oh, sure, maybe there will be cookouts, like always. But everybody will have to stay isolated in their own cookouts. And when they complain that nobody ate the calls Law took so long to make, they'll have only themselves to blame. Sorry about that. I also regret the unavoidable tan lines on everybody's face that coincidentally, looked like a surgeon's mask. My bad apologetically. Yours, Summer.