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Welcome to Cancel Culture. Has the zeitgeist gone too far? This client's previous parent company brought me in from Canada to perform Sketch Comedy. The Green Card keeps getting renewed. Go figure.

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with Neanderthal Chris Harrison finally paying the price for micro aggressive marginalization It's time for a new era in reality TV Introducing the woke bachelor wear turning the heteronormative **** shaming Rose ceremony on its head when the bachelorettes rise up against systemic oppressions Worst offender, toxic masculinity that you've been canceled. But I love, you know, don't gas like me with your virtue signaling. And now that the patriarchy has been dismantled, the remaining individuals are free to explore all facets of pan Sexual is, um, within the gender spectrum while pursuing egalitarian inclusion and intersectionality free from damaging performative activism way Don't miss the woke bachelor. Actually, the word bachelor appropriates the inherent evils of CIS gender is, um and I'm so sorry for dead naming. And so I'm stepping down is the show's announcer Oh, sorry, guys. Bye.