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in all this chaos in the midst of all the fear and the uncertainty. Take a moment right now to imagine what this world could be like. Not just the end of the virus. Imagine the world the world we can rebuild on the other side. Imagine a world without gun violence where we invest in communities instead of cages. A world where global warming is our history, not our future, where jobs pay enough not just to live but toe Have a life. Feels amazing, doesn't it? Imagining what's possible, especially when instead we have this billionaires making billions more, profiting from rage and conspiracy theories. Tax cuts for the incomprehensibly rich crumbs for the rest of us leaders who divide us in the hope that will be two fractured toe organize, too apathetic to believe that the system can change too distracted to notice as they dismantle our democracy for profit. But the truth is, they're wrong because we're awake now