[NARRATION] Energy and how to maximize it

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energy. This is where things generally go sideways by the time we reach adulthood were often weighed down by a slew of expectations, responsibilities and disappointments that collectively limit our creative energy. Think of your energy as your bank account that has a balance without any savings in reserve. It's hard to put a down payment on a new house. Energy is the primary currency of the universe and before you can attract what you want, know that you will have to pay for it with your energy. Energy is a complex subject. And by using the practices in these modules, you have started recouping yours. The more energy you have, the faster you can move toward achieving your goals. Here are eight ways you can focus your energy. Number one, get rid of distractions. First things first you need to eliminate distractions. Number two, coffee in small doses. I know that one's painful. # three. Make it to do list. Number four. Put a lock on social media number five fuel, your body, number six, get enough sleep. Number seven. Set a smart goal and finally number eight. Be more mindful