Planet-Quest Game-Lore Introduction

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This is a fan made introduction to a Web3 Game called \"Planet-Quest\" where the players are currently deciding the storyline. Three factions have risen from what used to be 2. Split are the minds of those who choose, but equal are their fates.

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In a time before the current galactic calendar was established, the two central factions on earth, the empire and the Federation took to the stars. Each beckoned there by a different promise for the empire. It was glory for the Federation, it was freedom. Inevitably, there was conflict between the two factions and from this divide the ***** sprang forth a group claiming allegiance to neither faction. Their call to the stars was separate and wholly their own. For the *****'s vision was one of progress. As the factions carved out their own sections of space, the sole system and the earth gradually became the center of what would come to be known as the core systems. As they grew, each faction also discovered a powerful artifact for themselves, the bastion, the oracle and the nexus. These artifacts were found to be ancient, far predating any recorded in human history. With the discovery of artifacts also came the discovery of Quantum, a material found inside the artifacts aged circuits, as well as in smaller quantities on other planets far beyond the core system, Quantum was a near miraculous substance of vast source of energy, capable of instantly changing its own molecular structure. Its appearance heralded a new age of technology, and swiftly the factions became caught up in a frantic struggle for power. With each of them fighting over every scrap of Quantum they could find these skirmishes soon blossomed into an all out war one which might have brought about the end of humanity. Had it not been for the sudden destruction of the sol system and earth along with it. The cause of this terrible event is still unknown, And over the course of galactic history, the finger has been pointed at all three of the known factions. It's possible we may never know what happened to humanity's home. However, the complete annihilation of an entire star system shook the faction leaders into drastic action in the area of space that the solar system had once occupied. They brokered a peace deal between the three factions. This would be the first meeting of the Universal Council, a conglomerate in which representatives from the Empire, the ***** and the Federation would oversee each faction in order to prevent such a calamity from happening again. Today, it has been 500 years since the destruction of the soul system. Quantum is scarce and its use highly regulated by the Universal Council. Though, the lives of people within the factions are relatively peaceful, tensions between the factions are on the rise. Once again, this fragile peace could shatter at any moment and it's up to the voters of the council to maintain the balance of power in the face of impending war. Are you ready to make your mark on the worlds of planet quest