English, accent, elmo, characters, animation, narration.

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This demo is meant to show the various projects that I could lend my voice to. It includes various characters that i either imitate or have created as part of my stand up routines.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


French (Parisienne) North American (General) Russian Spanish (Mexican)


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Welcome to Jack curves. Voicemail France. A federal enough To obtain more information on rates and bookings Press one order. Different characters accent, Press two. Yeah, that tickles but in general just to hire me please please press three. Thank you. It is impossible to avoid risk entirely. And some appropriate risk is not necessarily a bad thing. You are taking some form of risk. No matter how you invest. Now provided is matched to your needs. If you take appropriate and calculated risks, it can result in higher returns over time. Now the concept of diversification means you spread your investments between more than one type of asset. This can help you achieve more stable returns over time and reduce investment risks. There is a breakthrough in whitening teeth that can make your smile. It's most dazzling epi smile. Episode mile actually remove stains from your teeth with a miracle whitening agent that is safe for natural teeth. So put on an episode. Smile because having terrific teeth is the most beautiful fashion statement. You can make pain meet our strongest response yet. Salon pas 12 hours. These patches contains two medicines clinically proven to work on back muscle and joint pain For up to 12 hours salome path for targeted relief. In a world where Aliens meet their competition on even ground. A war has begun. Will you help our hero stop the bloody battle. Is peace possible. Only you will decide battlefield earth coming june 2022. It's been a little bit of a back and forth game tonight and here we go again, Philly has it there over center. Oh, they're over the blue line. They're charging towards the net. Well, well and how he's, he's skating around. I don't, he's, he's passing, no, he's passing it, he's passing in caulfield has it shoots top corner scores. Hello, My name is bobby and I'm four years old and every time my mommy puts me on the body, I cry, I'm jimmy and um, I live in my uh, in a, in a car and I'm kind of a ghost and I just kind of float around and I talked to my friends, I'm larry and I'm a friend of jimmy's and I drive him around in my car and we go places and jimmy kind of steals stuff for me. But he's a ghost so he doesn't really badly. So it's so fabulous. Like I just love, you know, sometimes I get so excited doing hair like my nipples get hard and then I just, I just, oh my God, I just squeal. I wanna know. I wanna know, I wanna know a different word and I want to play. Yeah. Sing with me la la la la la la la la. Oh no, no, no, no. I'm marvin and now I must destroy you with my X ray. 53. Grover Grover likes to play near, I'm scared near and far. Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side. Yeah, man, that's right. You know man, it's tough being a boxer with a speech impediment. But you know what man is the black man? He's always oppressed. It's like a salt and pepper shaker. Yeah man. The white cell. The white salt. Yeah, man, that stuff comes up the pepper. You grand it you grind the black pepper. Well, I don't know. Uh me and Gorbachev. We uh yeah, with nancy. Well, we're going to go to Camp David and uh well, I don't know what you talking about. Do you want to talk to me or do you want to talk to my brother? Because man, did you talk to me to talk to my brother? I'm Sean Connery. And sometimes I talk as if my mouth is full of marbles. Food here is very, very nice to meet you and welcome to the house of Djibouti. It's a pleasure to have you here today sir. You know, Natasha, we will take you to KGB and they will make you talk. They have many ways to make you talk. But of course it is a beautiful day here in Perry and I love to go and eat the baguette and have the coffee. It is lovely. No mr flavia, my Haitian teacher used to say, why should that girl would you pass a fair? You're not my child. Oh, you have the secret sauce. You'll take twigs and you mix it very, very slowly got in the car and I drove to the mall and I got a can of pop right then come with me. Chip chip cheerio not let anybody ever says that anymore. We are best to make you talk mr highness knitter. We will find a way we'll we'll go to the the yard club and you have to wear your diamond necklace but the big ones from Jersey you know you know yeah me and the boys you know we were walking along and we saw some people talking and you know we got into it a little bit you know but I didn't throw the first punch italian you know how we always sort of say you come into the restaurant and you order a little bit of the rigatoni is a little bit of the pasta, a little bit of the fas Uzi and the holly. Uh huh. And first you go with the zinc sobbing and then you do a little bit of the digging with the womb womb and then it's a crazy time. I don't know over here mi might ease to the steamship and we'll get a boarded right sir left sir. Absolutely sir. Anything you want sir. Oh you will do as I tell you to do you will listen to me and you will obey luke. I am your father. Come with me luke. Come to the dark side luke. I'm Sean Connery come with me to the dark side you know you look marvelous. Absolutely marvelous. And remember it's better to look good than to feel good you know, We're just too wild and crazy guys, just two Swedish guys swinging away. Yeah. You know, it's not easy to work out, but we're here to pump you up and know I can make you a bigger and stronger man.