Accidental Saviors

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Accidental Saviors. Chapter one Berlin, March 12, Felix Kirsten's eyes opened from sleep with a jolt at the ungodly knocking at the front door of his flat. It was six o'clock on a March morning. The sun had not yet risen over. Berlin opened the door. A man's forceful voice shouted through the locked door. This is the SS, why in the ****? Name is the SS at the door to my home. They must know that I'll be at SS headquarters in just a few hours. Why can't they wait? Kirsten threw off the covers on his bed with an angry force. He hadn't been sleeping well since, overhearing the conversation in the sS dining room about Holland. The repulsion of the ugly nightmare of the previous night left a foul taste in his mouth, like jungle breath. On the morning after a shot too many of the cheap vodka he consumed in his student taste. He'd been irritable and fretful for a couple of days now. He fumbled groggily at the edge of the bed with his right foot for his slippers. He grabbed his silk dressing gown off the back of the chair and threw it over his pajamas. He mumbled a curse to himself as he left the bedroom and rushed through his well appointed living room to the front door. Open the door. Dr Kirsten is the S s. It was a different, less overtly threatening voice this time there was further impatient knocking, sounding as though his uninvited visitors were using their clubs against the wooden door, Coming, coming, stop your knocking! You'll wake everybody else in the building when the tall, meaty Kirsten opened the door. He found three men there. Two privates in the field, gray Ss uniform with the ancient ss runes pinned on the front of their collar, and an officer and a shiny black leather overcoat. For a moment, christian was overtaken first by surprise, then alarm. Whatever you say or do Felix, don't feel the slightest interfere. The SS can smell blood from a mile away. Dr Felix Kirsten! The officer asked. Well now we know you can read the name tag on the door, Kirsten countered irritably. The privates remained impassive. The officer didn't look the least bit amused by Kirsten's mockery. May we come in, doctor the officer asked with gentlemanly courtesy Kirsten knew that SS officers were trained to begin interrogation with apparent benign politeness with arians. At least eventually, however, like a cat stalking its prey, sitting absolutely still until the bird is lulled into inattention. The interrogator leaps suddenly, just at that moment and administers the fatal attack. Do I really have a choice, Kirsten asked as he pulled the door open to let them into the living room. The officer forced a smile and nodded his gratitude for Kirsten's cooperation. The officer was accustomed, however, to an exhibition of more anxiety, even fear whenever he entered the residence of a host off his guard. I am Leutnant Norbac dr. We have been sent by my superiors to pose a few questions. Why don't you have a seat here? Thank you. Always stand when I am working. If you don't mind? The officer gave no indication that he would remove his black leather coat. Good, this isn't going to take long. Rohrbach remained the epitome of politeness and respect. Despite his threatening errand. He nodded to the two privates who can mold off immediately in separate directions of the flat. I'm at your service. Of course. Lieutenant Kristen said in a tone that managed. The officers, affected courteous nous, he had imagined the access to be rougher, if not spiteful in their methods of interrogation. Perhaps they were aware of his unique position. But is it really necessary for your men to inspect the rest of the flat? My servants are asleep and deserve their rest. It's just customary and routine procedure. Doctor on a call such as this. I'm sure that they will return empty handed, with nothing untoward to report. Sure enough, barely had Robach finished his sentence. Then the two privates returned to the living room. Lieutenant. You see, doctor, They found nothing suspicious hidden in your flat. Just as I predicted, Robach said to Kirsten, with a well bred Kirsten's head faked. He was growing increasingly vexed by robots, superficial courtliness and solicitude. You said you had been dispatched here to ask questions, Kirsten asked impatiently. What do you need to know if you're impatient to get right to the point then, as you wish. Doctor. Who is it that wants to know my answers to your questions. If I may ask. The lieutenant flashed an indulgent patronizing smile. Of course, that you may not ask doctor. I'm sure you understand. Instead, let me begin by asking you, do you ever use this residence as a clinic in which to treat any of your patients? I am sure that whoever is your superior and the ss who sent you here on this. This fool's errand has my building under surveillance and has a very accurate record of who enters and who exits the building. There's no need for impertinence. Doctor. You must be sufficiently familiar with s procedure by now to know that we are seeking an answer that corroborates information we have gathered by other means or contradicts it. Then, since you asked, I'll give you a straight answer. Yes. I do occasionally receive patients in my flat here, particularly if they are from out of town or I do not have access to their residents for some reason. Uh If I may continue doctor, why is it that you may not have access to the residences of some of your patients, Kirsten was beginning to feel more testy. He wasn't consciously afraid of robot, but he noticed that his mouth was dry as you undoubtedly know. Let an end. Some individuals and families no longer have their accustomed residents but are in temporary arrangements. Sometimes with relatives. Oh, yes! I vaguely remember hearing something back in 1938 about some families being evacuated to make room for error. Speer's plans to honor the theater by rebuilding sections of Berlin. That even paris could not rival vaguely remember. My he knows full well the details of the displacement of hundreds of households to make room for spirits, grandiose, architectural delusions for Hitler's grandiose delusions. In other words, it was the ss that was dispatched to evict the residents. As I recall though, as I say, my memory about the event is only imprecise. I'm afraid that the households that were appropriated were those of jews. Am I remembering correctly? Doctor, Yes. Then we can deduce doctor that some of the patients to whose residents, you do not have access whom you therefore need to receive here in your private flag are jews. It suddenly dawned on christian that this was precisely the matter that this sir cutest charade was about. Rohrbach had the gratified look of someone about to checkmate an opponent in a game of chess. These nazis and their obsession with the jews. Yes, that is an accurate deduction, Lieutenant. That's really no surprise, is it Or a secret? No, indeed, doctor. We've suspected the same for quite some time, bro. Box face became sterner. Suddenly his voice more severe like that of a drill sergeant. He raised the volume and not. You do realize. Do you not dr Kirsten that they treat jewish patients is forbidden. Absolutely forbidden. No, actually, I do not. Besides that does not concern me in the least. Rohrbach had had enough pleasantry, and of this masseurs defiance. His piercing eyes looked directly into cursing. Then you place yourself outside the law of the german people. No, not at all, Lieutenant, Christian said, with a forced smile. My driver obeys traffic signals. I pay my taxes. I purchase only my ration portion of bacon, robots face was turning a shade of crimson now, especially at his neck. You mock me, doctor, but you do so! I warn you at your risk. You are not behaving as a german should behave. It is unlawful for a german doctor to treat jewish patients. They have their own doctors. Kirsten smiled inwardly as he paused for effort. Perhaps. So, Lieutenant, though among my various medical degrees one is from Berlin. Nonetheless, I am not a german doctor. I believe that this law does not pertain to me, Kirsten said, as civilly as his glee. Innovating robots. Checkmate allowed him to be war box looked at the two privates confusingly expecting one of them to bail him out. Dr Kirsten. Such insolence and impertinence are unnecessary. They can land you in the kind of trouble with the ss that I would hate to have happen to a man of your standing. Surely! Your superiors know that I am, in fact, a Finnish doctor. An awkward embarrassed silence, overtook the room puzzlement was all over robots face. The two privates looked back at Robot equally baffled finish. So you say at least, Robot finally said a little self consciously, though Kirsten was humored by robots scrambling to reverse the tables and resume his position of strength. Then I presume you can afford us the pleasure of inspecting your passport. The pleasure is all mine, Lieutenant. If you would wait a moment, I will produce it, and anything else you want for that matter. With that, Kirsten nodded at all three SS men to excuse himself, and exited to his bedroom. After barely a minute he reappeared, holding the oxblood colored booklet, that was his finished passport, he handed it to Rohrbach with an air of satisfaction. Suomi Finland was etched in golden letters into the front of it, below the new cult of arms of the Republic, though he was trying his best to appear nonplussed. Robot's eyes grew a little larger and revealed surprise, mixed with embarrassment. It seems to be an order doctor, a Finnish citizen for over 20 years, with temporary stays in the Netherlands, and Germany, but not originally a citizen of Finland, just as it reads right there on the page in black and white. Carson had to discipline his urge to be mocking, Robach, handed the passport back to Kirsten's cheapest lee, although he tried to maintain in front of official decorum. Apparently I have been misinformed. We regret the early hour for this visit doctrine, I will see you and your men out, Let them and Kirsten said with a faint smile. Now, if you do not mind, I would be appreciative if you corrected your superiors information robots stood in the open doorway, turned toward Kirsten and said noncommittal as you wish. Then, he added, with no trace of a smile, but be aware, doctor, that this may not be the last time my superiors seek some answers from you.