A slave to time

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My last project for university and the first time that I tried any type of voice over work. It was a monologue, representing the idea of how humans live by a timeline. I wrote and voiced the entire monologue for the video.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Time is such a funny thing, unknowingly orchestrating everything around us from the seconds in a day to the essence of our lives. Keeping to it following the rules is a must. You see society has created a timeline that they want everyone to follow as well as ******** expectations that if not followed would make one feel hollow. Yeah, not meeting those expectations. She felt like she was drowning a complete disappointment. Time's running out and she's only at the beginning. Just no, you are setting yourself up for failure. Continue with that lazy attitude and see how far in life you're gonna get, get up and do some work. What do you really intend to do with chill? And how are you going to get there? I, you think you're gonna get there by sitting on your backside or they do nothing. You're already at a disadvantage because of your illness. Don't make it any worse on yourself by not putting in any effort at all into doing something positive with yourself. She knows that she's young, still only 23. But shouldn't she have accomplished more at this age? She's already behind and needs to catch up she feels like there's no time and she's stuck in a cage pain in lane two from Evelina Jana Brandan. Everyone is running the same race, but most other people are running a sprint. She's trying to jump flaming hurdles that are just constant. Her entire life is a collection of inconvenience for others. Imagine not being able to commit or do the things you want because you're in hospital every other day or because you need a transplant. She dares you to walk a day in her shoes and then tell her she's an inconvenience for you. It's ****** up who even made the rules for life. But rules are made to be broken that we all knew. So why the **** is she labeled a failure for not following what you want from her? She may be young but she's old enough to know you can't please everyone something we often prefer. So you know what? **** you, **** the expectations of society and to **** with their damn timeline. She really doesn't need that anxiety. She's walking at her own pace following her own timeline. More importantly, she's where she needs to be and that really is just fine. She's through trying to live up to the expectations everyone has if you have a problem with that. Well, that's too bad. You can take a ticket, join the queue kick back and have fun judging and continue to get mad. She couldn't care less. She doesn't give a rat's **** what you think? Because the only happiness that matters is her own and she won't sink. She's happy with who she is and who she wants to be. Nobody can rock her life the way she does. There's only one of her, this girl, they call Jada Marie and, but dropping.