Animation Demo



A showcase of a variety of animated characters from the hero protagonist, to the wacky evil villain, a laid-back artistic hedgehog, a rockin' robot and more!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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I bet you're wondering how I got here, yep. That little red dot dangling off the beanstalk that's me. Jack Horner running from one giant problem. Oh boy. Gotta go. Yeah nice try keeping up gridlock but you're gonna have to break it to make it. That's gonna leave a skid mark. Space. Guards seize them by order of the ruler of the cosmos king. Ghadir. Big loser, How dare you? That is my daddy kins oh daddy papa hedgehog. I got something to tell you. I'm leaving the hedge once and for all. Well I don't know. That'll make me. That's a good question actually, condom hung I guess. Don't you get it stable? I can't protect you. Not from the centurions, not from the humans, not even from myself. So just go on and leave me like everyone else attention. Zombie horde. Thanks for shopping at munchie martin but we are now closed. We ask this time you make your final purchases and return to the graveyard brains payment are not accepted at this location currently. Bitcoin is fine, however. Oh he bit me. Oh I get it dang. It