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If you show a rice plan from a field to a farmer, he will know immediately that it is looked as the rice plant should end. That is has the ideal shape. He will know that the seed was sprouted naturally and not transplanted that the plant could not have been grown in a lot of water. And the chemical fertilizer was not applied. Any farmer can tail these things as a matter of course, by looking at overall form of the plant, the shape of the root and the spacing of the joint on the main ST if you understand the ideal form, it is just a matter of how to grow in a plant on the shape under the unique condition of your own field. I do not agree with. Professor Maxima's idea that it is best when the fourth leaf from the tip of the plant is longest. Sometimes when the second or third leaf is longest, you get the best results. If growth is held back while the plant is young, the top leaf or the second leaf often become longest and large, hard waist stills. Is Professor Mama's theory is derived from experimenting using frail rice plant grown with fertilizer in a nursery bit and later transplanted my rice. On the other hand, was grown in accordance with natural life cycle of a rice plant. Just as though it were growing wild. I wait passionately for the plant to develop and measure as its own path.