The Giants and the Smalls, English, animated audiobook

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Voice actor James Joyce III reading an excerpt from The Giants and The Smalls by Nicholas Townsend Smith.

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This is an excerpt of the giants and the smalls by Nicholas Townsend smith. Remy placed right on the ground and began to walk away. Where is he going? Thought jimmy, kept going, getting further away. Rich yelled to him. Remy, wait up, I can't walk as fast as you, Remy didn't hear him and kept walking. Ret ran as fast as he could to keep up with the giant. He was jumping and dodging and he ran with all his energy though Remy seemed far away, Writ wasn't about to miss his opportunity to learn from a giant. Remy walked and ran for what seemed like an eternity. They came to the edge of a large cliff. Ret was out of breath and exhausted as he collapsed at Remy's feet. Remy sat down on the ground next to him. Red yellow, what are you doing? Don't you realize I'm just a small and can't walk as fast as you? I barely made it, Mamie said patiently. Yeah, but you made it a small, would have stayed where I left you a small would have gone home and complained about being left behind. You didn't you ran with everything. You had to stay up with me and you were committed. That is a very giant thing to do. As Rick caught his breath. They both looked out at the cliff. Remy seemed to be enjoying the view and asked his new friend, what do you see? Ret said, I see a cliff, some plants in the sky. Remy asked him, What else do you see? Nothing! Exclaimed Rick. Remy laughed and placed it on his shoulder. He stood up, a vast ocean spread out in front of them. As far as the eye could see, Rick could smell the ocean air and feel the breeze. It was the first time in his life he had seen such an amazing view. Remy asked him now, what do you see? Ret couldn't speak. The view was so breathtaking that all he could do was look Remy said, A giant sees what a small might never see. A giant sees the beauty and everything while a small misses out on seeing the splendor that surrounds them. A giant sees opportunity in every moment and the small only focuses on his or her problems. Ret looked up at Remy and said, I want to see what a giant sees and do what a giant does the sun was going down. Remy told Britt go home and think about the lessons you've learned. Come back tomorrow. He carried right back to where he had met and red headed home that night, as rich slept in his small bed. He had giant dreams for the first time