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Demo of Narration with music background

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if you think the universe is a crazy place, look closer at the atomic level things get even crazier protons that are in two places at once particles that are also waves and a plane of existence. That's rather lumpy. This is the world of quantum physics. When roger Federer turned pro, he had all the physical tools to become an all time, great. The speed, the power, the endurance. But he didn't have the mental toughness. Not yet. He would get emotional during games, losing his composure when things didn't go his way. But he kept working on it. Mm hmm. The construction of the statue of Liberty was a multistage process. It was built completely in France by sculptor, Frederic auguste Bartholdi before being disassembled piece by piece and shipped to America. There under Bartoli's supervision, crews worked around the clock to rebuild the statue in new york harbor, rising over 14,000 ft above Colorado Springs. Pike's Peak is one of the tallest mountains in America and it's certainly among the most iconic. Its alpine summit pierces the sky and its surrounding forest and meadows support a stunning array of wildlife