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Hi, I'm Jamie Tressilian, and this is my voice demo connecting. It's what makes networks become real relationships for success. At World Services Group, we recognise the importance of the right contacts with real connections around the globe. Quick spread automates the spreading of financial statements utilising machine learning to greatly increase the speed at which statements can be made available. The video will now show you how to upload a file with financial statements and how these financial statements are automatically spread and added to your company report. Life for young people in London can be stressful. Some days can feel harder than others. You might be worried or feeling down. Maybe like it's all too much if you're struggling with your mental health. Support is available. Basking sharks are the world's second largest fish. They were given their common name from their feeding pattern, resulting in commonly being cited while swimming along the nutrient rich surface waters and thus basking in the sunlight. Game Pass, the official global streaming product of the NFL, came to us with a big challenge to deliver 400,000 paid subscriptions for the 2022 21 season, an increase of over 25% year over year