Language English, dialect American Southern.

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It is a short excerpt of a YA Fantasy book. I have tried to do justice to the tone of the book. I am still new to being a voice talent, although I read constantly and read aloud to my boyfriend all the time.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US South)


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Crown of Danger. The hidden made book to buy Melanie sillier. Chapter One Come on, barren, hurry up. This is our last Chance Byron. He urged me through the streets of corn, impatient with my sedate pace. I gave her an amused look. The shops aren't going anywhere. No, she said. We're the ones going somewhere back to the Academy and it's awful, remote location. She looked longingly at the walls on the other side of the wide street which mostly concealed my own kingdoms. Academy, Why can't the Calorie Jian Academy being the capital like your Jordanian 1? I grimaced. Would you really want to be in such easy reach of the calorie Aegean court? I, for one have no such desire by irony, wrinkled or knows? No, I suppose when you put it like that, the calorie Agincourt was poisonous, presided over by a cold, cruel king and full of deep rifts and divisions. It bore little resemblance to the court and Arden which was ruled with the firm hand of my aunt. Queen Lucien, a woman who had dedicated her life to ensuring peace and prosperity for her kingdom. But I thrust thoughts of courts and politics assad. They inevitably lead to thoughts of Darius, and not even weeks of separation had managed to calm my conflicted feelings about the cholera, Jian Crown Prince. We passed the Academy and university are attendant guards walking to and front and two behind, keeping a clear bubble of space around us, despite the busy traffic Byron e practically danced in her impatience as we passed the railings that separated the grand houses of various major families from the road Byron. He had no interest in the green grass fountains or elegant buildings. We can glimpse behind the fences as an energy made from the psychology empire. She had little need to worry about the power games played by the Jordanian great families. I had found myself with less interest in them over the summer as well. My mind full of the darker politics of the calorie Aegean court. I picked up my speed suddenly, as eager as by irony to be passed this section of the city and through to the shops. I glanced over my shoulder at the palace behind us. It's tall towers of white marble dominating the capital from its place atop the hill that housed corn. It had been home for most of my 16 years, and yet my thoughts about our imminent return to the academy had a feeling of homecoming about them. My heart wasn't as much turmoil as my mind these days.