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boom. Yeah. What you're talking about chasing with the, I'm just trying to get my mother out. I said no doubt these *** asked me with my cloud, can't let him kicking the door. I'm making, they call on my phone, they bring it up but I'm just sort of this lane, I'm drinking this lane, I'm doing my thing out. I'm just counting the grain. They loving the team. They mean the big bro, I see a couple walking this block. I'm sending them shots as part of his job. Yes, I'm set. I'll move that tech. They don't hey, that's my foot with the job. I stayed with the glock. I see it gonna pop first. I rented that bag now I'm getting cast first. Yeah, I'm just, I'm calling on gang first first. All of my *** shooters, All of my *** off Rufus, I call them games, starting the orbit, then we should shout out there, Don't shout out that road ***. They thought of me ***, they laughed at me and they're mad at me. Hey ***! They thought of me ***, they laughed at me and they're mad at me. Hey you after six in that bag I hopped in that Jack, I'm moving so fast. I'm watching these ***, they lag, I'm watching these ***. They mad gang. Gang, gang gang. Yeah, yeah. I grew up in a generation or what? I don't know what the about in my hood that she's not allowed my ***, my *** pull up at your mother's house will be as boom, you stupid maduro won. The computer's not working great to my window. Get it for free. You never know when your dog okay, better run your feet the west while I stay with a pipe and charge my life. These *** they switching like lights and my city, this is not right. Don't bust these ***, don't fight my goodness. They're stupid. All of the ruthless and they're gonna pop up that night. We let it cool down in the spray is the reason that right. All these *** wanna call out my name and a mouth. So I guess the next stop is about yeah, I came from the bottom. The garden was starving anything like pop up in the gym. Like I'm fighting for my ***. They damage they carry. Where did they go through you? ***? Yeah, that should be on.