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introducing goes under a unique concept and toilet see risers goes under is designed with the disabled in mind. The goes under fastens securely to the base of a toilet and goes under a standard toilet seat, making the goes under toilet seat riser a fixed part of the toilet, completely eliminating any hazardous shaking associated with usual toilet risers. Not only does this make it much safer for those who may not have the best of balance or coordination, it also blends in normalizing the look and feel of a bathroom that goes under Kenis. Aly be removed by pulling two pins, making it easy to clean and sanitize. Nigel and Michael Gilling, AM creators goes under, started out owning and operating in residential care home in Scotland and the Disabled Care Center in southern England. Here they experienced first hand the issues of stability, sterilizing invisibility that the available toilet see risers had for their clients when they retired because of their own disabilities, they encountered the same issues in a more permanent form. When Nigel's wife went through a hip operation was forced to use the available 20 risers, Nigel and Michael started to invent and came up with goes under toilet seat riser, creating a sanitary, stable and visually appealing 20 accessory that provides peace of mind to the elderly. Disabled intent, temporary, disabled goes unders. Mission is to design, produce and distribute products to enhance and normalized bathrooms of disabled, elderly and postoperative patients at a competitive price. Their vision is to become the number one brand and tortoise the risers in the US to grow that goes under brand internationally and to introduce additional and complementary products their values, or to preserve dignity and hand safety, comfort and security. Reduce embarrassment and produce an affordable product which meet customer satisfaction in 2 to 5 years. Goes under aims to establish themselves throughout the U. S. Is a major supplier, and to break into international markets including Europe, Canada and Australia, by linking their products with international companies like Walgreens and Boots and by promoting on social media outlets like Twitter goes under has many challenges. First and foremost is publicity and brand recognition. They need a way to promote goes under to national and international distribution suppliers, and they need a way to bring their product to the public. Nigel and Michael solved the problem harbor. They can't solve this one without funding. They can't promote their business, and without promotions, they can't become established. The disabled, elderly and postoperative patients deserve that. Dignity and safety that goes under provides goes under, requires your help in achieving their goal with helping and 80 disabled people wherever they are and in bringing this unique aid for a national and international market by way of Internet, television, radio and medical distributors.