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Welcome to Science Crest to Radio programme, exploring science and all its many aspects from research, discoveries and inventions. SCI Quest is produced by this Southwest Science Foundation today. Science WEST TALK About one of the rooms. Jupiter, one of the moons of Jupiter, was a big surprise to astronomers and geologists when it was first seen by the void you spacecraft. This particular moon is very unusual because it has active volcanoes. The name of the moon is Io, and it looks a lot like a pizza with bright red and yellow features, which are due to a large amounts of sulfur and many dark patches is easily seen at these air active lava flows coming from the volcanoes. Our planet Earth has more than 600 active volcanoes. Io only has about 100 volcanoes, but the total heat output of the volcanoes on Io is much greater than our volcanoes. In fact, one volcano on Io named Loki is more powerful than all the Earth's volcanoes combined. One reason for this is that lava, most from the volcanoes on Io, is much harder than the live of clothes on the earth and plan Dras or volcanic craters are much larger, and the lab of flows are much longer than on Earth. One particular volcano on Io has a lava flow 190 miles long. If we compare the total amount of lava flowing on the surface of our planet with the moon of Jupiter, we find that I O has 100 times as much lab as on Earth. Currently. However, in the past it has been different. Certainly this is a very unusual member of our solar system, and astronomers and geologists continue to be amazed by what they are seen on this distance planet state until next time for more from spines QUEST SCI QUEST Produced by the Southwest Science Foundation with funding provided by listen again next time to more science on science Quest.