Recent grad - English Speaker - Narration of Prose Piece

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I wrote this script as well as provided the narration

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Off the rocks you see downgraded to weed semi clean now. But truth be told it's only because I've only got enough green to turn my eyes red seems typical drinks. They paid for folks kissing with jack tinted glasses. Folks ******* up the house. They don't. Um And that's why they love it. Yeah. Somewhere a girl stumbles on whiskey knees as swimming pools plays in the background and who am I? I'm nobody. He used to be nobody too until he a lot of from his little horse and dangled trinket before your emerald eyes and off. You went. You think you're somebody now? Perhaps you are? Perhaps he left to turn behind the somewhere a girl stumbles on whiskey knees as swimming pools plays in the background. I think it was nice to see you there. It was nice to see you. It was nice to see you my friends. It's nice to see you happy out with your friends without me. There's no matter no for I drink down your joy to the very last drop off on a long draw. The perfume of new love eagerly for the hit of a victory. So sweet. It makes my teeth rot. Why shouldn't I applaud him after all? He did what I never could do. He helped you see you from my point of view. It shut you. You too. Did the novelty of me wear off? Where did the IV drip stop? What is he's got, has got you so hooked. How the **** did I ever think that you could ever want to be at all? Nobody with me. Thank you, man. Right. Right. I'm the devil. Right. Make it up. So.