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Somber/serious tone and slightly slower with a steady pace.

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Richard stormed down the massive top floor hallway of the luxury hotel. Determined to put an end to this. The owner's daughter had been making his life **** hold up in the penthouse suite for a month partying all night, forcing guest to flee and making his staff miserable. As manager, the guest complaints all fell on him. Not anymore. Finally, the owner had given him the ok to ask his daughter to vacate. The little brat wouldn't answer the room phone, of course, or her cellphone or his text. Now, this was the only way he approached the door with his car keyed out ready to use it if he had to. He knocked sharply three times. He looked out the window while he waited for an answer. The Las Vegas skyline sparkling in the distance. The Azure Heights Grand resort was the crown jewel of the Vegas Strip and he wouldn't have the hotel's reputation ruined by one spoiled little girl. Still no answer. Juliet. He yelled, this is Richard Simon, the hotel manager. I need you to open this door. Now, Richard was past patience after fielding months worth of complaints about noise, partying and trashing and destroyed hotel property. The silence on the other side of the door was deafening. Richard felt the beginning of a headache at the base of his neck. He knew the owner's daughter was in there but why wouldn't she answer the door? He knocked again this time louder than before. Silence greeted Richard's words just as he expected. He took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves. Dealing with Juliet was never easy but he had to do it. Juliet. I'm not going to ask you again. Open this door right now. He continued to knock but still no answer. He could feel his temper rising with each passing second, his heart began to race and he could feel his face turning red. Richard waited a few moments before knocking again, but still there was no answer. He gritted his teeth in frustration knowing he couldn't let the slide anymore. Finally, he decided to use his car key. He swiped the master key through the lock but it didn't work. She must have changed the locks. Richard felt his face go hot with anger. How does she even get permission to do that? He reached into his pocket for the master key card that worked on all the doors in the hotel. It was for emergencies only, but he figured that this warranted its use. He swiped it again and with the beep, the lock clicked open, Richard pushed open the door slowly peering inside the room was dimly lit the curtain Strawn. He could hear music blaring from somewhere inside Juliet. He called out stepping into the room as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw her lying on a king-sized bed. Sound asleep, Richard never understood how people could sleep so late into the day or through such loud music. She was dressed in a silk robe that barely covered her, her blonde hair spread around her in a halo. He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. He was there to do a job. He couldn't let her terrorize the other guests any longer. But as he looked closer, he froze, there was something strange about her body. It seemed too stiff, her skin color, it seemed too pale, almost flew. Richard's heart raced as he moved closer to the bed, his eyes fixed on the still form lying there. He knew what he had to do, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He reached out a trembling hand and placed it on Juliet's shoulder giving it a gentle shake. Juliet. He whispered all the anger drained as he wondered what Mr Cavendish would say if something happened to his beautiful beloved daughter. But there was no response. He tried again but still there was nothing panic set in as he leaned closer, searching for any sign of life, but there was nothing. Richard dropped his key card and stumbled away from the figure lying before him. Juliet Cavendish was dead.