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you want a top notch meal, so you need to get a reservation. A suit jacket, cash for the valet, right? Wrong. All you need to do is come to the 99 restaurants. We've got great food at an even better value on our menu of real size entrees for just 99 whatever you choose, portraiture better than a V I. P will treat you like family. If you're building a high rise and you see into the window of a guy doing naked yoga and the tool you make eye contact work can be uncomfortable. So at least get work gear that's comfortable. Timberland, pro work shirts, pants and boots head to toe. Timberline pro. Not uncomfortable. When a blood clot was found in my leg, my doctor was concerned to could travel to my lungs. That's pretty serious. I needed a different game plan, so I talked to my doctor about starting Xarelto with Xarelto. There are no known dietary restrictions, so I didn't have to worry about monitoring my meals. Xarelto, help me get my life back on track. How do you show up? Just bring it or bring it way. Our professional grade There's a new family of scratch offs from the Maryland Lottery called frenzy Scratch offs. Why are they called Frenzy? Their colorful? That could be one reason they have thousands of prizes. Wow. A look at this. You could win up to $100,000 instantly. Still wonder why they're called frenzy. Well, dog, I'm sorry I went away for a moment, but I'm back now. Please plea responsibly.