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your scruff. Unruly, untamed mobile. Now everything you know about grooming is about to change. Introducing micro touch solo with hyper advanced smart razor that trims shave and edge is all with the same play. Dual cited German stainless steel blades let you shave up or down with micro precision and look the ultra flex, pivoting head contours to your face for perfect comfort. Plus micro touch Solo has have built in life so you can see what you're doing. Watch this snap on the guy to perfectly trimmed beard and stubble. Snap it up to precision edge sideburns and goatees, and it's safe to the touch guaranteed. So it's even perfect on body hair. There's no better bang for your buck. I like to look good and presentable. I could get a closer shave, but also I could get that precise line that allow and it looks good, is no bones. Solo glides through hair with ease, no nicks, bumps or ingrown hairs. Whether you want to maintain your beard style or create a new look so low, it's fast and convenient. No cream, no so and no water needed. It's a game changer. One thing does everything that's awesome. You'll get the look you want. Micro touch solo smart razor that gives you perfect results every time guaranteed or your money back. Get your all new micro touch solo. Smart riser now complete with stainless steel blade pivoting head built in high intensity spotlight plus three custom guides, all for just 24 99 or go toe micro Touch solo dot com And right now you can text to order. Just text solo. That's S o L 022468 10 Order now and we'll include an additional German stainless steel head, absolutely, for personalized precision rooming solution from micro touch.