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Affiliate TV promo voice for WGTU, WILX, WCTI, KYMA, KREX and dozens of other stations across the US and Canada...

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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it's 6 30 You've had a long day, You're finally home and now you want the news way Designed a newscast with you in mind Valleys Onley 30 minutes you casted 6 30 another d I s t coach caught recruiting And after five years of news eight investigations one d I S t official has ever been punished is suspension and option. I don't have any comments, No comments, no accountability. Where does it end? News eight investigates tonight. Attend. You're watching news Tenet six. The Breaking News and Weather Authority with Jason Cole Thorpe, Lauren Evans, Meteorologist Andy Provenzano and Tim Stout With sports on air online and on the go, This is up North Live Music 11 on ABC, 29 8 Get connected when the weather gets extreme. First bus cancellations are now coming in. Only one station goes to this extreme. Adam Styles warned everybody from the most accurate forecast at a boy. Adam, your right to the most active weather team in Toronto City News. Weather everywhere. It's CBS five years. We believe that paying it forward is making the Valley a better place connecting communities and changing lives, and it's easy for you to be part of the movement. Just do a favor for someone who will then do something nice for another person and so on and so on. You don't have to travel out West or go back in time. Be a cowboy right here in northern Michigan. Hold onto your head, Cowboy Shooting Wednesday at 11 on ABC 29.