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I can literally do a voice for just about anything in any category for any age group.

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Hey there, this is Jennifer Birth canal, and I am that you hear my voice to do your wonderful voiceovers. I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I do have a thick Philly accent. You know, it's all those cheesesteaks and hoagies and soft pretzels that I eat. But anyway, joking aside, I could do a lot of different things. I could be very enthusiastic, as you could see. Um, I could be very serious. I could be very monitor almost. That's what your good work. I could be very business oriented as it doing a commercial. Hey, voice recorders completely free. No hidden payments, activation fees or charges for extra futures. We guarantee that are active, secure everything you record is accessible to you alone. Nothing is uploaded to our services for storage. Um, I don't know. Let's see what else you want. Like a cartoon character like a little girl Clark tune. Because I could do that. That's not even a problem. I could be a little tiny creature cartoon. Um, I could also let's say that's do Southern accent. Um, well, I do really, really like I do prefer the country music. I am from the on sale A my name is Shelby and I I'm a country girl. I don't even know anything about Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I'm sure it's nice, but I like my country music and I back my country ways. Um, and I could go right back to my mind, my city way. I can even almost be like a little cocky like your would you talk about, not point you in the face. I'll slice you up, I throw you with the river. You'd be swimming with the fishes so I could do a lot of different voices. It's not a problem. Whatever you want me to be. I can I could be that Absolutely. It's what I love to do. And if you're interested, get in touch. I would love to work with you. Thank you.