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Young Adult Audiobook Narration Sample

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brian drew the shaft back. A cow? His brain registered. A large cow moose. No antlers, a little spit dripping from the side of her mouth. Brown eyes looking at him, but not seeing him, or at least he hoped not. 20 ft no more. 67 paces at most, he released the bow string. He could see it all later in his mind's eye, so it all must have registered, but when he did it, everything happened so fast and yet incredibly slowly that it all seemed one event. The arrow jumped from the string and he saw the feathers fly straight away from him and at the moose and slam into the moose's neck just above the center of her chest. And in that instant, in the same split second the moose caught the movement of the bow and arrow and brian's head and charged so fast she almost met the arrow. If brian had expected the brush to slower down or the arrow striking her to handicapper. He was sadly mistaken, she was at him like a cat so fast that she seemed to blur, and yet his mind took it all in. I hit her, the arrow hit her in the neck. She's charging, she's charging at me! Another arrow? No, no time. The lance. That's it. The lance.