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From ancient historical sites to beautiful coastlines. Italy is home to some of the most extravagant tourist spots in the world. The colosseum of Rome, the stunning architecture of Lawrence and even Venice, the city built on water, all are unprecedented and glamorous in their grace. But what if we tell you that Italy is much more than Rome, Florence and Venice. In this video, we take you guys through the most underrated, overlooked and astonishing gems in Italy that are definitely worth a visit. These are the 10 hidden gems in Italy. You definitely need to visit Matera. The city of cave dwellings located in the southern region of Basilicata. Matera is an ancient city known for its unique Sassi cave dwellings carved into the hillside. The city was named a Unesco World Heritage site in 1993 and has become a popular destination for history. Buffs and photographers. The cave dwellings of the Saucy district are truly unique and stunning examples of pre historic architecture. The buildings are carved directly into the soft rock of the surrounding hills, creating a seamless blend of nature and human habitation. The city has a rich and ancient history with traces of human settlements dating back to the paleolithic era. The Saucy District is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited areas in Italy with some cave dwellings dating back over 9000 years. Materia is situated on a hill overlooking a vast expanse of rugged countryside, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can take a leisurely walk along the winding streets and alleys of the city, enjoying the beautiful scenery and charming atmosphere. Materia has a rich cultural heritage with many important landmarks and attractions. Now, if you're a foodie, a person who loves to try new cuisines and tastes, Materia will definitely not disappoint you. Mattera is also known for its delicious and authentic local cuisine which is influenced by the surrounding rural landscape. Visitors can enjoy traditional dishes such as orecchiette, pasta with broccoli raab and pepperoni, Crisco, crispy dried peppers. So if you're looking to visit Italy anytime soon, you definitely need to have Matera on your list. Urbino, the city of Renaissance famous for being one of the breeding grounds of 14th century European Renaissance. Urbino is perhaps one of the most underrated hidden Gems of Italy. Urbino owes historic center is a Unesco World heritage sites and is one of the most well preserved Renaissance towns in Italy. Its narrow streets and alleyways are lined with historic buildings including palaces, churches and museums which showcased the towns rich cultural and artistic heritage. Urbino was home to many famous artists and intellectuals, including the painter Raphael who was born in Urbino. The town has a rich cultural heritage and is famous for its art and architecture which are displayed in many museums and galleries. The Ducal Palace in Urbino is a must see for visitors with its impressive collection of renaissance paintings and frescoes. Urbino is located in the Mark, a region of Italy on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Apennine mountains and the rolling hills of the region from various vantage points in the town. Urbino is known for its excellent local cuisine including dishes such as truffles, porchetta, roast pork, and pecorino cheese. The town also produces some excellent wines including the verdicchio de Metallica which is made from grapes grown in the surrounding hills. Urbino is a small town and the locals are known for their hospitality and friendly nature. Visitors can enjoy a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere as they explore the town and its surroundings. El Burro Bello, the city of Trulli houses another southern town known for its accurate depiction of Italian culture. El Burro Bello is a picturesque town located in the region of Puglia in southern Italy and it is well known for its unique trilli houses which are small whitewashed buildings with conical roofs made of stone. The Trulli houses are unique to the region of Puglia and they give Alberta Bellow a distinctive charm. The town of El Burro Bellow has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Due to the historical and cultural significance of the truly houses. Visitors can learn about the traditional building techniques used to construct the trolley and the ways of life of the people who lived in them. Alba Rabello is set in the beautiful Pugsley in countryside, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The town is situated on a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Alberto A Bello is a small town with a relaxed and authentic Italian atmosphere. Visitors can wander the narrow streets and enjoy the local food and wine in charming restaurants and cafes throughout the year. Albert Rebelo hosts a number of festivals and events including the Festival of San Antonio in January and the feast of Saint Cosmas and Damian in September. These events showcase the local culture and provide a unique experience for visitors. Orvieto. The city of cathedrals popularly known as the city of Gothic Cathedrals. Orvieto is one of the most beautiful places. If you're planning to visit Italy, Orvieto has a long and fascinating history. Dating back to the Etruscan era. Its strategic position atop a hill made it an important site for military and religious purposes. And this has left a lasting legacy on the city. Visitors to Orvieto can explore its ancient underground caves which were used for everything from storage to religious ceremonies. The city's most famous landmark is its magnificent cathedral which features a striking facade adorned with intricate sculptures and mosaics inside the cathedral is equally impressive with beautiful frescoes and intricate stained glass windows. Clearly Orvieto can give you a unique and unforgettable experience. Mantua, the city of intellectuals, Mantua is a city located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy and it is considered to be one of the country's most beautiful cities. Mantua has a rich history dating back to the Roman era and has been influenced by various cultures and civilizations over the centuries. As a result, it has an impressive collection of historical and cultural landmarks, including the Ducal Palace, the Mantua Cathedral and the Palazzo Tay Mantua is located in a picturesque setting with stunning natural landscapes including the Minke, a river which runs through the city and the nearby Lake Garda, one of the largest lakes in Italy. The city is also known for its beautiful gardens such as the Palazzo take gardens and the Bosco Fontana Nature Reserve. Mantua is also known for its artistic heritage, particularly during the Renaissance period. The city was home to many famous artists including Andrea Mantegna and Giulio Romano whose works can still be seen in the city's churches, palaces and museums. Treviso. Treviso is a beautiful city located in the Veneto region of northern Italy and it is often considered to be one of the most charming and underrated places to visit in Italy. Treviso is historic center is filled with narrow streets, picturesque canals and beautiful architecture, including palaces, churches and public squares. The city's walls and gates are well preserved and they provide a glimpse into the city's medieval past. Treviso has a rich artistic and cultural heritage with many art galleries, museums and historic landmarks. The city is home to the Santa Catarina Museum which features a collection of medieval and renaissance art as well as the Duomo or Cathedral of Treviso, which dates back to the 12th century. Another one of those gems that tourists often overlook is Ischia. Firstly, it is a picturesque island located in the Tyranny in sea just off the coast of Naples in southern Italy. Its natural beauty is characterized by lush vegetation, crystal clear waters and stunning vistas. Secondly, Ischia is known for its thermal springs and thermal parks which are believed to have therapeutic properties for the body and mind. This has made a popular destination for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness. Thirdly, Ischia has a rich history and culture which is reflected in its ancient ruins, historic landmarks and museums. The island has a unique blend of influences from the Greeks, the Romans, Arabs Normans and other civilizations that have inhabited it throughout history. Chevy today, Bagna Regio. This tiny hilltop village in Lashio is a true hidden gem accessible only by a footbridge and offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Its medieval buildings and narrow streets make it feel like a step back in time. The views of the surrounding countryside from Chevy today, Bagna Regio are truly breathtaking and make it a perfect place for photography and taking in the natural beauty of the area. Chevy to Debug Mauricio has a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere which makes it an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. The village is small and has no cars which adds to its peaceful and quiet environments. Visitors can wander through the town streets, enjoy a meal at a local restaurant or simply take in the views and enjoy the relaxed pace of life in this beautiful and historic town. The city of beaches less is known for its stunning baroque architecture which can be seen in many churches, palaces and other historic buildings. The intricate details and ornamentation on these structures are breathtaking and make a feast for the eyes. Has a rich artistic and cultural heritage that is reflected in its museums, galleries and festivals. It is home to many art schools and has a thriving contemporary art scene. Is located in close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, including Porto Sisario, Torre, La Pillow and Ponta. Proceed. Oh, visitors can soak up the sun, swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the stunning coastal scenery. *******, Nana Omar. Paulette, Nanya Omar is a stunning coastal town located in the Puglia region of Southern Italy. Puglia. Nano M R A is located in the Adriatic Sea and both stunning cliffs and rock formations out into the sea. The crystal clear waters, sea caves and hidden caves, create a mesmerizing landscape. The town has a long history that spans several centuries and this is reflected in the town's culture and traditions which have been preserved and celebrated over the years. Omar is home to several famous landmarks including the iconic llama monocle a beach, the famous balconies overlooking the sea and the stunning Arco market sale. These landmarks add to the town's allure and make it an even more attractive place to visit. So these were the 10 most underrated hidden gems that you definitely need to visit in Italy. What do you think about these places? Let us know in the comment section down below. Make sure you press the like and subscribe button and we'll see you guys in the next video.