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This Demo is a voice over I did with a YouTube channel called \"Console Cinema.\" I have done Top 10's and reviews about video games and can do the same for films.

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Have you ever wondered what the heck this thing is? Or that or that personally, that's my least over one. Well, lucky for you today, we're going to take an in depth look in tow. Every single abomination that's being created in Capcom's Resident Evil three remake. So hit that like and subscribe button, Grab a soda and some chicken wings because it's about to go down. Let's start this off with the big boy himself. Nemesis. Now, as most of you know, Nemesis is a bioweapon humanoid designed to eliminate all living stars members. The birth of nemesis came from infecting bioweapon tyrant with a knee alfa parasite secretions from the knee Alfa Parasite grants Nemesis the ability to regenerate health making most weapons uses against this monstrous bioweapon umbrella created the knee. Alfa Parasite does come with side effects. It causes damage, is to the bioweapons skin, creates extra tentacles and causes further mutations when damaging. Nemesis with weapons. Now this is really annoying, but Nemesis will follow you the entire game, so make sure to dodge and playing your routes accordingly. Now I bet you're wondering what in the world is a knee alfa parasite? Well, stick around because I'm going to cover that nasty little bugger soon up. Next on the list is drain demos or demo strain. Didn't know. I I don't know. I think it's drained demos now. The reason why I think it's demos is because these guys are D. Most disgusting little things I have ever seen. Well, not so much little, but we'll get to that in a second now. Drain demos are genetically modified fleas who came in contact with the T virus. The virus causes flees to grow in size, making them equivalent to an average sized adults. Could you imagine that? Imagine in adult size flee walking towards you. I don't know what you guys are doing, but I'm getting the heck out of there. But on the bright side, they are slow and are only a threat if they are in your immediate area. So if you see one of those suckers run