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Variety of character voices for animation and video games!

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Do you have any last words? I'm not here to play with you. Come on. I won't bite, I promise you won't suffer much. You really thought she could win? How cute! Hi! My name is Charlene star. Now I'm sure you probably recognize me and are currently trying to figure out what parts I've played. You may recognize me from the film avatar where I played the role of alien girl number 82. I have also played the roles of juggling bikini woman, number 17 and most notably zombie clown nurse. Number three I'm a big, big deal. Hi everyone gluten from all over the world is being taken from its natural habitat and being put into the foods that we eat. If we don't take action soon, our earth could like maybe be destroyed. But people don't realize that when we eat gluten, it not only harms us, it harms the gluten to stay gluten free. My friends, Thank you all