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Ben Communications. Antenna ahead. If you found the transmission device, I'll be able to hack into that security grid. He dropped by about four or five days ago, but I haven't heard from him since. Why has something happened? Uh, just your way. But said tonight, please have us. I'll give you a depression that make your way to Decontamination Bay. I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to meet you. And now you're here. Well, come inside. You look cold. The fires on. Let me get you something to eat. I can't find it. My little boy. Please help me. They must have covered taking him in there. No. Look, kid, it's not your business where you live or how old I am. What's with all these questions anyway? You got a very inquisitive mind. Thank God you're awake. We found you near the border crossing. You were unconscious. I don't know how long you been out So many. And you on next up. The scandal engulfing Westminster has taken an unexpected turn today as MP Damian Cosgrove admitted to forging papers relating to the detention of his former communications aide