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wow. What's pops doing here? Uh Yeah, loop on. Uh. You really did miss me after all? Pops don't play dumb. You sent this letter to the government residents. Did you not? Uh What? I didn't send that thing. You're right, you married into one of the head families just to bring out the crown and steal it? Isn't that your plan, jeez, paps. Can't get anything past you. Let's go. Gotta fly home barker. Hey, loop on. Who sent that letter anyway? Pretty sure I can guess. No. Using me like a pawn. She's got a lot of guts, but this time she's not gonna get away with it. Where do you get off and dropping my good time kid? You have any idea how many people I see during my firefighter days, now that I've turned in for an old, It's only fair that I kill a few, but you killed people as a firefighter to write guess. Basic math is too much for a dumb girl like you. That isn't even go to the number I saved. Who the **** is this guy? I don't understand. How are you this strong? Yeah. You're some kind of devil. I'm no devil. I'm a brave hero. It's the symbiote. It's changing me. It's taking over my life. I have to get it off. Stop, Come on, pete the suit. The symbiote. It's made life better and there's no one else we need not M J not going, not even on May. Those weren't my thoughts way we need each other. No, stop your roost. We will not allow. No. The vibrations. You don't like them. Yeah. No, we don't like the vibrations. They are unpleasant, but not strong enough to divide our bond. We'll see about that. Hey, I can't move no longer. You suck to destroy us. Instead, you've made a stronger, we shall demonstrate what's happening. Wait, stop.