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Good day listeners. I am john I am very grateful for your interests in listening to this podcast. I really enjoy writing and have written quite a lot of stories for fun. Of course, I have chosen to create a podcast writing up a bunch of news stories that I would hope people will, who are interested in these first three genres are willing to listen to. The initial idea for this podcast is to read a chapter from each of these stories a week. I will try. My best writing is difficult and also I'm still very new to this soul editing thing. I've chosen these three stories specifically because I have recently come up with the ideas for them and would like to share them. The first story I came up with after trying to watch game of Thrones and realizing I mostly like the atmosphere. Your Thrones is okay, I'm not the biggest fan, but it's just the medieval fantasy that I love more than anything. I love the atmosphere and the time in which they are placed in, but it's also probably because I'm a very big DND fan, so hopefully you may enjoy this as well. I've titled This one, The Iron Bridge, which falls a young undertaker apprentice that falls into conspiracy after finding the body of the town's baroness on his card of corpses and this strange power that he has awakened to or for those more interested in sci fi and space, a space fantasy I've lovingly named wander and timelessness, which has set several centuries in the future, where a young college graduate is being hunted by a dangerous group who have kidnapped his father for this strange device that is now in his hands, or, more appropriately his chest. He must find his way to safety and figure out his father's final message to survive this ordeal while having his own government and space pirates searching for him and the device. And the third story, a modern odyssey of an 80 year old leaving home to spend the summer with his father's estranged family. Very little did he know of his father's side of the family and where expectations were one way he learns that they are quite wealthy and where he ventures to is almost akin to a different world, Where lifestyles of the zero are radically different and without restriction. A summer filled with strange experiences and people, unusual mysteries and awakenings, depravity and curious findings await this young man as he learns of his father's family and the secrets that they hide the weight in odyssey. This one however, due to its more explicit nature, I have left behind in my Patreon written boom at patreon dot com forward slash written boom. If you enjoy the other works, you may find this one equally interesting and if you'd like to kick in a little bit to my Patreon, much obliged, It's very new. I am working towards some ideas for goals down the line, some short stories here and there may be more explicit stuff. Oh, and I do have an idea for a module for DND using the Iron Bridge and maybe some short world rounding sub chapters on my Patreon for each world that these stories are happening in. I do hope you enjoy any and possibly all of my current stories. And again, thanks for listening.