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Jordan was seated at a small iron fretwork table outside the coffee shop. As Petra approached, she noticed a squirrel sat at Jordan's feet, nibbling on something in its paws. Good morning, Jordan said while looking at the fuzzy gray animal. She tore away another tuft of muffin and put it on the concrete in front of the squirrel. Can you believe how tame this little guy is? She laughed, clearly delighted. He came right to me as soon as I sat down a minute ago. I'm not sure I've seen one quite that break before. Petra noted that Jordan apparently preferred the no makeup look. She wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail, tied at the nape with a black ribbon even outside. A strong coffee aroma lingered in the air. She pointed to inside the store. I'll get my coffee, then join you. No need, Jordan gestured to a cardboard tray in the center of the table. It held four insulated cups with lids, a clump of sweetener packets, a pile of creamer's in a brown paper bag folded at the top