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Katie and the Bubble, which, as she watched Katie sorted through some of the things Grandad had left on the ground. What's this? She asked. Rope Ladder mumbled grandad economically through a mouthful of nails. Rope. Ladder Thought Katie. We were beyond interesting now, she thought. As the day wore on and the sky began to darken, the outline of a house began to appear. It was a bit of an odd shape. Granddad had never been terribly neat or organised, but he definitely had a flare for design. The house rested on a platform in the main fork, high up in the tree, a good eight feet off the ground. A rope ladder, I thought. Katie. It seemed to be held in place by a set of strong rope suspended from higher branches. It was a wonderfully odd shape, as granddad had built it to fit the shape of the space at the centre of the tree. And I had seven sides rather than the boring and conventional four. Why seven sides asked Katie Ow! Seven has always been my favourite number, he replied. A really. But Katie Rather suspected that it had ended up that way by accident it didn't matter. When Grandad finally finished the treehouse at three on Sunday afternoon, it had a rope ladder, seven beautifully painted wooden sides, a doorway that she could almost get through without ducking open windows on three sides and a green tarpaulin roof. All kinds of amazing nous thought Katie Grandad had even thought to add a couple of shelves and a small toy box inside, it was perfect.