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Jim Wonderlic. Did you know using fresh herbs and you're cooking can really enhance the flavour of your meals If you're interested in creating an herb garden for your next big project, here are 11 fresh herbs to consider growing basil meant rosemary, oregano, thyme, cilantro, parsley, chives, dill, sage and tarragon. Herbs are very easy to grow. Most prefer full son as long as temperatures remain cooler than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If it gets very hot where you live, consider planting your herbs in a space where they will receive some shade. Wait before you get the weed. Wacker. Did you know that certain weeds can actually help your garden? Weeds can protect soil. The roots hold soil together and prevent erosion. It can also fertilize the soil by bringing in nutrients through their leaves and becoming part of the topsoil when they die. Finally, because we'd flower frequently, they attract beneficial insects looking for nectar. Some weed you'll actually want in your garden include chickweed, white clover, dandelions and lamb's quarters.