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satori healthcare dot org's Where's your health today? Do you suffer from being overweight, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia or other diseases? Let's look at your health over time in a chart over the next three months. Six months, nine months over the next year, are you going to be paying more for your health or paying more for your health care? Whether you're suffering from being overweight, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease or fibromyalgia, what is your illness costing you? Our acute corrective care plan can help you out of the conditions caused by being overweight and having information with our acute corrective care plans. Many see meaningful results in 90 days or less. The plan may include a weight loss or fitness program. For some, this may include interventional pain treatments. The goal is for a long lasting solution. Sustainability doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen with a magic pill, a procedure or a special fad diet. It takes a consistent day in and day out plan with coaching to reach better health and a quality of life, possibly more mobility, activity or even fitness training. This phase may include using natural supplements, ivy therapy, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, possibly even regenerative medicine such as Prp platelet, rich plasma, HGH, human growth hormone or even a stem cell therapy. We also have a unique ivy therapy for chronic pain and for some in the long term, even athletic optimized performance training and intense training option. Let us help you find a path forward. We can help you pull out of those conditions caused by being overweight and having inflammation with our acute corrective care plan. Let's build back your health through a long term health and fitness plan. If you're serious and ready to make a lifestyle change, our acute corrective care plans in weight loss or improved health will transform your life. Uh.