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Voiceover for an explainer video teaching customers how to use a complex data/analytics platform.

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Once you find a table file report or any data object, it's important to understand that. Object quickly to ensure that it's the right object. Or if you need to look for something else, then you need to know how you can use this data. Object with other objects to extract the value. The Oval Edge Table dashboard provides various ways to help you understand data. First, to have the Steward written description, which helps you understand the business significance of the table. You can see all of the columns, its description and some of the stats to understand it in more detail. If you have any questions about the data, the top users can help you understand who else is using it and how they're using it. You can click on a user to ask any question. When a table is consumed by other users, they can endorse it with star rating, red flag or warning Zain. This helps you understand the other users perspective. For this data, the data tab helps you see the actual preview of the sample data. You can use it to expand an icon for light analysis. The relationship tab helps you understand where else you conjoined this table Oval Edge categories is the relationship with a similarity score and adjoin score. If the similarity score is trending towards 100 this means that the two tables are duplicate, whereas if the joint score is trending towards 100 this means that there is a perfect primary and foreign key relationship. The lineage tab helps you understand where the data is coming from, how it's getting consumed, which reports air using it and what tables have a direct or indirect impact on it. You can keep clicking on tables to view the comprehensive lineage. The references help you understand if this table has been referenced by another data, objects, document or queries anywhere else to get details about every field, click on the column and then the column details. You can also sort to the top values to understand the data better. Similarly, two tables and files infographics like tableau and power bi. I also have a detailed dashboard toe. Understand the data easily