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urban vet care offers annual wellness care, emergency care, anesthesia and surgery, dentistry, digital radiology, laboratory and pharmacy services and prescription diets. In addition to these services, we also offer consultations with a board certified veterinary dentist, surgeon, cardiologists and radiologist. Urban Vet works directly with these specialists to provide care for your pet right here in our hospital. Some cats have more than the usual number of toes and are known by many names Hemingway, Cat, Mitten, cat or even cats with thumbs. Do you know the medical term for these many fingered friends? Wait just a few more seconds and we'll give you the answer that way. You know the answer. Cats who have any number of toes over the norm are considered Polly Dactyl. Polly Dactyl ism is a dominant genetic trait, which means just one Polly Doctor parent is enough to make a litter of Polly doctor kittens. That's a whole lot of thumbs way. You may not know. We offer a number of prescription dog and cat food diets such as Hills, Royal Canaan and Purina. We also carry preventive medications and durable and trendy gear to keep your pets happy, healthy and in line with the current styles. Ask our staff members about available brands. Here's a fun fact. All dogs have pink tongues with two notable exceptions. Can you name the two breeds that have purple, black or blue black tongues? We'll have the answer in just a moment. Thanks for holding. What was your guess? All dogs have pink tongues, except for the chow chow and the Chinese Shar Pei. Black spots on tongues are common in many dogs. However, it's not necessarily an indication that there's either chow chow or Sharpay in the gene pool eyes Your dog protected from heartworm disease. According to the American Heartworm Society, heartworm disease has been detected in all 50 states. Are doctors recommend year round prevention. To avoid the dangerous and potentially life threatening effects of this disease, we offer Heart Guard sentinel or sentinel spectrum. Ask us how to protect your dog today. Here's another cat trivia question. A cat's head is classified into three shape categories. Can you guess which three shapes Please continue to hold and we'll give you the answer in just a moment. Here it is. Cats heads come in three basic shapes round, such as the fluffy Persian triangular, such as the sleek show bred Siamese and rectangular such as the burly Maine ****. Are you looking for a more convenient way to have your pets, food or medications sent directly to your home? Urban Vet offers an online pharmacy for our clients were, you may order medications and food. You can have quality products that we trust delivered straight to your door. Ask one of our staff members or CR online pharmacy page on our website at www dot urban vet care dot com for more information. Thanks for holding will be right with you.