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the Mars Exploration Rover mission has rewritten the geological history of Mars. Among the mission scientific goals was to search for and categorized the planet's rocks and soils. To accomplish this task, both rovers were outfitted with an array of scientific instruments, including a panoramic camera, a most power spectrometer, a microscopic imager and a rock abrasion tool. Mark stood at the end of the table enjoying the drama of the moment and looked both opponents in the eye. You will have five minutes. You have to eat all the toppings and the crust on every piece. Do you understand the rules? Both contestants, not Mark, sliced his hand down through the air and said, Go, I couldn't believe the crowd tonight when he first come up with the gimmick of pizza gladiators, his partner have been skeptical. College kids will never pay for all that pizza, just to be called a gladiator. If you've been lucky enough to see both the rocky and the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's difficult to imagine they were ever the same. But it's true. 200 million years ago, when the tectonic plates began to split and formed the Atlantic Ocean, Blue Ridge Mountains might have been justice, tall and rugged, as the Rocky Mountains are today. So what happened? Thank you for listening. My name is John one sport.