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A sample of Joe's work in audio description narration for HBO, ABC, IFC and Amazon. What is audio description? It's a separate audio track that describes what is happening on the screen and is designed to help people with low/no vision enjoy visual content.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
a dry grass field with sparse yellow flowers covers a vast hillside. A young girl in a flowing dress, walks in the field, arms hanging loose at her sides. She crouches and picks a flower. She stands and holds it up to the sun. Long dark hair falls down her back squinting. She stares at the flower behind her. A woman stands by a car Title. Coastal elites text appears. five heart tugging monologues crossed out. Five unhinged rants crossed out. Five desperate confessions from people coping with the new abnormal. The word barely appears before coping block letters appear over black industry. The slice runs through the center of the word footage from Pierpoint Office plays in the letters, the letters expand, harper looks at robert, a raw fish in Yasmin's kitchen. She lifts the top off of a styrofoam ice box. Jasmine stares down at raw fish. Multiple boxes packed with cod, monkfish and tuna. Cover the marble counters. Mhm She lives one fish up by its tail. She drops it, jesus on the trading floor. He has been stares at her monitor. A man puts a bag over in his head. He wrestles him. Dennis gets the bag off, he shoves the man. two more men grab him from behind. He kicks the first man, The three men wrestling is into the fountain. Previous credits, Bette Midler Caitlin diver, dan levy, sarah Paulson disarray. A caricature of Miriam running with the maga hat casting by Bernard Telsey CS, a costume designer calling that would edited by john paul Production designer Mark Ricker. A caricature of Marcus fusion straddling a rocket Director of photography, Jim Donald, a sc executive producers paul rudnick, jay, roach, Jeffrey seller, floaty Suarez, Michelle, graham scott Shalev, narrated by joe McQuillen.