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the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece, a famous son of a Ola's and king of Boucha, took as his wife Neftali the cloud and she bore him two fine Children. Ah, boy and a girl. Fricks is and Hella. But Nephila returned to the sky, and a famous took as his second wife, Cadmus, is daughter, you know who had nursed. The onus is, you know, hated her step Children and determined to do away with, um, Her opportunity came when throughout, but we show the crops failed. The failure itself was Eno's doing. She had persuaded all the women to spoil the seed in their husbands stores so that it wouldn't sprout. Yeah, Athm ist sent to Apollo at Delphi to ask what he had to do to stop the famine. But the envoys to where Reno's men and they returned saying that according Toa Apollo, the only remedy was to sacrifice. Fricks is the boy nobly agreed to his own death if it would bring life to others and a famous tears streaking. His cheeks was just about to comply with the God's terrible command when Neftali snatched up her Children and took them into the sky. When a famous learns the truth, you know, hurled herself and her son off a cliff. But Dionysus made sure that his old wet nurse did not die and transformed her at the moment of her death into the sea name Fluke Otho. Meanwhile, Nephila placed the Children on a golden fleeced ram, the offspring of Poseidon, when he had made it a za ram with the A funny and the guys oven you, ah, way spread the magical ran eastward through the sky. But as he passed the narrow strip of water that divides Europe from Asia, sweet **** a lost her grip and fell into the sea. Hence, the straight is known as the Hellas Pond, the sea of hela and memory of the retched girl. But her brother flew on, knowing why both tears and the CR salty and in in over the south coast of the Black Sea, he flew until he came to cull Kiss, where King Aideed's son of the son made him welcome and Thanksgiving for his deliverance. Fricks is sacrifice to the fantastic ramp to Zeus and gave the fleece toe Edie's who hung it on an oak tree in a grove sacred Toe Aires and set as its guard toe a fearsome serpent whose eyes never closed in rest. But a Edie's had been warned against strangers bearing or bearing off a golden fleece as a sign that his reign would come to an end and he killed. Fricks is to avoid this destiny, not knowing that he was not the stranger toe whom the Oracle eluded. So might matters have rested forever were it not for the villainy of P. Lius, son of tyro in distant Greece. At the death of Cree Theis, brother of a famous, he usurped the throne of Iacocca's from its rightful king, his own brother, Basin in fear. Ace in smuggled his son Jason, out of the city and sent him to the hills to be brought up by the center Chiron. But police was afraid of Jason, for he knew of an oracle that foretold his death at the hands of a descendant of Alice. Even though Alice had many descendants, the field was narrowed down by an oracle that was more precise, if somewhat bizarre. Beware of a man with one sandal. Yeah, yeah. When Jason came of age, he returned toe. Iacocca's on the way he came toe a river whose water was swollen by rain. An old woman stood helpless beside the raging torrent, and Jason took pity on her and offered to carry her across. Unknown to Jason, the old woman was Hera in disguise, and henceforth he found favor in her eyes. But the current was strong and his burden not so light. The mud of the streambeds sucked off one of his sandals, and the turbulent water carried it away. Downstream. Jason limped into the palace of I Ocha's wearing his single sandal, and P. Lius was terrified. Jason demanded the throne of the Yolks as his birthright now that he was a fully grown man and P. Lius agreed on one condition. That Jason was to bring back the Golden Fleece from coal. CAS purely saw this as a chance to get rid of the young pretender once and for all. But Jason, mighty hero and confident youth, saw a quest worthy of his metal and agreed to undertake the task. But how to reach caucus, which lay at the edge of the known world. No one had yet invented a vessel that was capable of such a long voyage, Jason called in the goddess of craft, the Lady Athena, and begged her to solve the problem. The quick witted goddess thought for a while, and her thoughts readily acquired shape. She infused her knowledge into the mind of the artists in Argus, and the ship he constructed was called the Argo, whose name means swift. But the goddess herself fashioned the prow from the living oak of Zeus Oracle at Daytona and endowed it with the power of speech. After leaving the Greek mainland, their first adventure took place on the island of Lame knows, inhabited Onley by women and ruled by Queen Tipsy Pile. The lemony in women had neglected the worship of Aphrodite E. And in punishment, the goddess had made them emit a smell that repulsed their husbands and drove them into the arms of their slaves. All Greek men assumed the right to sleep with their female slaves, but the lemons ignored their legitimate families and set up new homes and retaliation. The women killed or vanished all their menfolk. By the time the Argonauts got there, the women had not known men for some time. They refused to let the Argonauts land until they had promised to tarry with, um, the Heroes state a full year before Heracles tor them from their life of ease, and they continued on their way. And many find sons and daughters were born on the island of Leno's. The journey would be long and dangerous, applying unknown waters past unknown lands filled, most likely with lawless monsters. It was exactly the quest that the heroes of Greece had been waiting for, and Hera urged their hearts to respond eagerly to Jason's call for crew to man the sleek vessel and share the hazardous journey. Before long, Jason had a full complement of 50 men. All of them find warriors and sage counselors, surpassing all others in their skills. Heracles was there, and Ida's his rival in size and strength, who once fought Apollo himself for the right to bed fair. Mar Pesa and Malika admonishes both hunters and men of war. So was P. Lius of a Gina and his comrade, Telemann of Salamis, who matched or is on either side of the bow. The soothsayer is Edmund and Mop Sis accompanied the Argonauts, as did you famous son of Poseidon, who could run so swiftly over the surface of the waves that his feet remain dry. Neither Caster the Horseman nor his twin brother, Polly Deuces, the boxer could resist the challenge and the shape changer para cleanliness to made a special skill available to Jason right. Typhus was the helmsman, while far seeing Lindsey's took the prow and Orpheus himself carried the beat for the oarsmen.