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Reading a sample from Dog Biz by Amanda O'Neil.

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bull breeds bull baiting, the practice of setting dogs to attack a bull was a popular sport from at least the 14th century. Sometimes even a legal requirement before bull was slaughtered, as it was held to make the meat more tender and it was not banned in the UK until 18 35. The tough athletic dogs bred for the purpose gave rise to a range of breeds, including fighting dogs, hunters, guards, and even lapdogs, terrier tragedy. The Staffordshire bull terrier is among the most popular breeds today for contrasting reasons. He is a great family dog, nicknamed the nanny dog for his gentleness with Children, but also macho enough to appeal to would be Tufts, sadly, he has become the victim of his own success. More staff fees are bought and then abandoned by unsuitable owners. Then rescue schemes can accommodate or re home no longer ferocious or athletic. The bulldog is now a good natured companion, controversial bulldogs, the most modern bulldog has a unique personality, but undeniable physical disabilities. While show breeders defend the characteristic short faced, wrinkled bow legged variety, others have attempted to breed back the quote original bulldog and quote modern variations, such as the regency victorian and old english bulldogs are reconstructions not recognized by kennel clubs but growing in popularity, bouncing boxers. We rarely think of the boxer as a bulldog, but the breed was developed from heavy german Bullen visors or bull biters and english bulldogs. Originally viewed as a guard, The boxer proved his worth as an army dog in World War One. Despite his gladiatorial origins, he has the good nature of so many bull breeds and is now known as an energetic, if friendly family dog.