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Old man reminiscing narration from opening sequence of the film \"Battle Of Surabaya\"

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Indonesia experienced a vacuum of power. President Sukarno declared the independence of Indonesia on August 17th 1945 based on the Vienna Convention. In 1942 the allies, especially the Dutch, claimed Indonesia to be part of the Netherlands East Indies. The Netherlands was about to rule Indonesia once again, but Indonesia had changed. Former Ohio and Peter armies from the Japanese occupation raised a sense of nationalism and patriotism. Indonesia chose to fight and defend its independence. Local people who used to be members of the Japanese paramilitary distorted composite Tom Organisation. But another threat to the nation's struggle. The arrival of the Dutch in the FBI and N. I C. A. In SORA buyer triggered the conflict of peace. Tens of thousands of Republican militia and armies faced thousands of fully armed allied forces. This incident is known as the battle of November 10th, or the Battle of Sura Bhaiyya